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1. Courses

Create, Modify , View and Delete Courses. Each course has an access code, name, url to the relevant page and a descriptive text. Use the shortcode to hide the page content from unauthorized user. Users will access to content from his Profile or from the My Courses page.

Create the course

Create a course using a new code and give a relative URL to the course page. The relative URL is also known as ‘slug’ in WordPress. Enter a realtive UR before clicking the Create button, otherwise the page will not be created.


Course codes can be deleted. The plugin does not check if the course code is still assigned to a user.


Courses are content protected by shortcode in pages created by the admin or directly by Mis Cursos plugin. Use the shortcode

[mis_cursos curso='codigo']  Here add the HTML content or shortcodes like: video, text and links, test shortcodes and file shortcodes  [/mis_cursos]

In order to show notices to NOT logged users you may use the shortcode

[mis_cursos_no_logueado] This content is shown to NO LOGGED users only [[/mis_cursos_no_logueado]

Demo Form

Use Demo Shortcode to insert a Demo Form that grants access to a course immediately. Users must include name and email and phone. A Subscriber User has access for 24h, 48h or 72h (by design).

[mis_cursos_promocion promocion='PRO2']

Initial Page My Course

In the Initial Page we suggest to add the User Profile. You may add other informations to the Initial Page.You may access the contents of the course from the User Profile. Show the User Profile and links to the course pages you may use the shortcode

[mis_cursos perfil='1']

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2. Users

Create, Modify , View and Delete Users.

Search users

Enter user name or user email to search in the DB.

Create User

If you let User Name blank , the system will choose User Name for you.Enter the user email, course codes that you want to assign to the user and, if you need, course end date.

Course code

When the User is created, course codes can be added to permit access to their contents. Courses appear in WordPress User list , with expiration date. This info is also shown in the User Profile with links to course pages.

Expiration Date

Also, this plugin calculates an expiration date of courses of +365 days by default.The value 365 can be changed in settings. Expiration Date may be modified later.

Modify the user

You may not change the User but you may reassign the email, assigned courses and Expiration Date.

Delete the user

The expiration date and the assigned courses can be modified later. Subscribed users can be deleted from the plugin or remain after expiration date. This plugin does not allow deleting administrators, for safety.

Logging to WordPress

After a ‘subscribed’ user logs, is redirected to the Initial Page (see My Course settings). In the Initial Page you may show the User Profile , which grants access links to the course pages, and other general information that you want to make available to the user. In the User Profile appears the course code, course name and a link to the course page. Shows also the expiration date. The User Profile shows results of existing tests, if available.

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3. Course List

Shows code, title, page link and text description for each user.

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4. User List

List subscribers users and assigned courses. Admin users are not listed. Shows Active users and Expired users. List logged users for the last week (by default 7 days). Expired users can not access content of courses.

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5. Videos

Videos: you can use a shortcode to show videos on selected pages. Include video numbers, separated by commas and not the complete URL
Only Vimeo videos codes can be used for the moment. (We recommend to hide the video from Vimeo web and limit display to your web.)

[mis_cursos_videos video = 'numero1, numero2, numero3']

If you use the shortcode with DEMO activated, only the first video will be shown to the user. All the other videos will be replaced by the default video. For demos use the same shortcode showing demo is active like this:

[mis_cursos_videos video = 'numero1, numero2, numero3' demo = 'yes']

Videos Chapters (Cuepoints)

Videos use CuePoints to identify subjects or chapters inside videos. Cuepoints are shown in a time ordered list below the video. Only three CuePoints are shown at a time. Only admins can edit CuePoints. Cue Point are video navigation aids. CuePoints add information and permit navigation of the video. CuePoints are labeled with time as minute : second and a text description They can be created and deleted but not be modified. In order to ADD a cue point is necessary to PLAY and PAUSE video. Then you write a description text for the cue point and click on ADD button. You have to reload to show the Cue Point again.

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6. Files

Logged users can download files from a not web accessible path. The selected files will be downloaded as single files or a zipped bundle. The files can not be reached by the web path. Only logged users can download the files.


Shows the list of files with a numerical identifier to use in shortcodes or Files field of My Course menu.


Reload button updates new files to File directory. Add files by FTP client (eg Filezilla) If you want to replace a file with a new version just keep the name identical. You must use an FTP app (like FileZilla) to upload files to the directory. This plugin do not uploads files by itself.

File shortcodes

There are two options for shortcodes.

Selection by file or by course code, use this one:

[mis_cursos_fichero fichero='1,2,3']

Selection by course code, use this one:

[mis_cursos_fichero curso='IN01']

Use display = \”SELECT\”shows checkboxes to select single files to download.

[mis_cursos_fichero curso=\"IN01\" display=\"SELECT\"]

Use display= \”ALL\” hides names of all files and allows download of all files zipped as a bundle.

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7. Test

Create, Modify , View and Delete Questions and Answers.Saves results for each Test performed by User.

Show test in a page by using shortcode

[mis_cursos_test test='CODE'].

Test appears in the User Profile

Result obtained for CODE Test shows in the User Profile, if this User has CODE course in his profile.

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8. Sales Page

You can display a navigable list by pages. For each course on sale, an image, its price and its text are shown. This shortcode shows a list of course info-adds for sale in a navegation list, use this shortcode:


Courses are ordered by price, alphabetically or by level.

On sale checkbox

Only shows courses ready for sale.

Keep on top checkbox

Option to show some courses always on first page.

Page URL

The relative URL is also known as ‘slug’ in WordPress.

Image URL

Relative URL for the add’s image.

Sale Text

The sales text appears under the add of the course.

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9. Events

You may assign one or more email events to each course. Write a title for the event, a description and content.


The EVENT title is used as a code. It can not be modified. The EVENT can be deleted ONLY if no events are assigned to a user. There are only email EVENTS.


Content is any text or HTML tags.

Send event execution day

If you use day 1 it will send on first day. It will not repeat. If you write a number greater than 1, it can repeat. As an example day = 7 and repeat = 3, will create 3 events on days 7, 14 and 21.
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  1. Holaaaa. Tienes algún tutorial comonpara Dummies? Acabo de instalar tu plugin y no tengo idea de como hacer que funcione

    • Veo qué tendremos que repetir el video en castellano. Pronto.

    • En principio cada página del admin tiene una ayuda. Empieza por crear una página de curso y luego añadir un usuario asignado al curso. Luego puedes ir ampliando funcionalidades.